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Changes can be made electronically through Aeries Student Information System.  Also notify school office immediately of any change in contact information.  Address changes require proof of residency brought into the school office.



Parent(s)/guardian(s) must notify school in writing or by phone if a student has been absent or tardy for any reason within 5 days of the absence.

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Information for Parents


If your student needs to leave school prior to dismissal please adhere to the following district policy:


  1. Pick up your student from the office.  Leave ample time to call student from classroom.  Students will not be called until parent arrives. A designated adult/emergency contact must sign student out.
  2. Be prepared to show proper identification to office staff.

If your student returns to school during the day, they must go through school office.


Medications will not be dispensed by school personnel until all forms required by law are completed.  Medication shall be brought to the school by an adult and given to the office staff.  Medicine must be in a container labeled with the student’s name, prescription name, dosage, and directions for dispensing.


Authorization for Meds @ School Form



Students may not wear ANY braces, wraps, splints or other apparatus without a doctor’s note.  If your physician prescribes crutches, casts, orthopedic appliances, etc., parent(s) and physician must sign appropriate release forms.  


Readmission After Accident Form


Readmission After Accident Form-Spanish

SSE Staff Favorite Treats

Mrs. Walker

Milky Way Midnight

French Fries 

Chips & Salsa

Vanilla Latte and Iced Coffee (Starbucks)

Mrs. Linn

Earle Grey or English Breakfast Latte (CB&TL)

Scones (any kind!)

Mrs. Drury

Hazelnut latte, no foam, Pumpkin spice latte no whip, lemon loaf (Starbucks)

Mrs. Backe

Dark chocolate, dark chocolate, dark chocolate!  (No dairy )

Ms. Magadan

Cold Brew w/ an added shot, no milk or sugar (Starbucks)

Mrs. Crocker

Caribbean Passion (Jamba Juice)

African Sunrise Hot Tea Latte (CB&TL)

Ms. Deniz

Vanilla Latte-hot (Starbucks)

Ms. Julie

Mocha Frappuccino

Peppermint Latte

Refresh Brewed Tea (Iced) w/Peach or Mango