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Ms. Jennifer Backe

Jennifer Backe

I grew up on the East Coast of Florida. I have also lived in the suburbs of Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. I have lived in Ventura County for nearly 28 years. I graduated with a Lifetime Teaching Credential in Early Childhood from Rowan State University in New Jersey. I also received my K-8 Teaching Credential from Rowan. I received my California Teaching Credential from California Lutheran University. After teaching Kindergarten for 13 years in New Jersey, I moved to California. I began teaching Kindergarten at Santa Susana in 1991. I have also taught Transitional First Grade and First Grade at Santa Susana. I have a love for teaching first graders! I believe students learn best by doing and therefore I integrate a multi-modality approach into my teaching. I hold six Yoga Certifications, five of which are for children, and several meet the National Teaching Standards for Health and Physical Education, as well as an Autistic and Youth Trauma Yoga Instructor. As a Certified Yoga Educator, I offer yoga to my students. I also believe it is of utmost importance to educate the whole child! A child's social-emotional development is key to a successful school career and a happy life. I believe we are all lifelong learners! With that being said, I continue to gain insight and wisdom from the precious students in my classroom, as each holds a special gift! I have a passion for life and learning! Along with teaching, I enjoy my daily practice of yoga, meditation, walks in the park, appreciation of nature, study of nutrition and eating organic foods. I feel blessed to have been part of the Santa Susana family for the past 26 years!

Mrs. Laura Farina

Laura Farina

I grew up in a suburb of Chicago and am the youngest of six kids. I am a mom of three teenagers who keep me on the go. I have been teaching primary students for more than 20 years, and received my undergraduate degree from California State University, Northridge. I originally started working as a substitute for LAUSD in the San Fernando Valley. It was then that I truly fell in love with the profession and decided to go back and earn my teaching credential. I am an advocate for promoting lifelong learning and foundational academic skills while also helping to nurture students both socially and emotionally. I am currently enrolled as a graduate student and I will be receiving my Master's Degree in Educational Technology in May, 2018 from California State University, Fullerton. Some other things I enjoy doing include baking, reading, exploring and learning new things online, exercising, going for walks/hikes, taking trips, and most of all spending time with my family. 

FUN FACT: I got married last year and am now Mrs. Farina. I also completed grad school and received my MS in Educational Technology. Something silly to know is that I love thunderstorms and dark chocolate.


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